Yetzer’s Home Furnishings and Flooring Offer Services to Help with Home Updates

Yetzer’s breathes new life into a Shorewood family’s home with specialized interior designs.

When Mike and Becky Nyberg of Chanhassen started looking for a new home to better fit their family’s lifestyle, they found a house in nearby Shorewood. “It just seemed like it was a good fit in terms of location and the style of the house,” Becky Nyberg says.

The Nybergs, with daughters Emilee and Sarah, have an active lifestyle. “We moved to be closer to the Minnetonka trail system and Carver Park. We are outdoor enthusiasts and love walking, running and biking during the summer and winter. Mike has a fat tire bike and bikes all year round,” Nyberg says. The trails are especially nice for walking dogs Fletcher, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Benson, a Golden Retriever. “It’s convenient to just walk out the door to the trail and Carver Park, and its trails are just a 45-minute round trip by bike from our house,” Nyberg says.

As the Nybergs considered purchasing the house, they noticed existing elements that helped them envision spending time there. “We fell in love with the quaintness of one room in particular,” Nyberg says. The space became the family room, a family gathering spot. “What we really liked about the home is that it had elements that were pretty rustic. There was a lot of slate in the home and some reclaimed areas, so structurally it had a lot of the outdoors, which we really enjoy, already in the home,” she says.

While the home had a great location close to several amenities, and the Nybergs were pleased with the layout, it needed updates. They sought out Yetzer’s Home Furnishings to give the space a fresh look. “I like to support the smaller, family-owned businesses, and just being from this area I knew there was such a store in Waconia called Yetzer’s, so I called to find out if they had a designer,” Nyberg says. She connected with Dawn Perrel, an experienced interior design consultant, who also works fulltime helping clients at Yetzer’s furniture store and its nearby flooring store.

Yetzer’s, which offers services including carpet binding and floor refinishing, features home furnishings, window treatments and interior design consultation. Perrel, with Yetzer’s since 1991, places high priorities on creating great spaces and customer service. “We specialize in wonderful customer service,” Perrel says. “I think that’s what sets Yetzer’s apart from other home furnishing stores.”

For the Nybergs, Perrel focused on delivering functional spaces for everyone in the family. “Entertaining family is important to them. They wanted to be able to accommodate a lot of people for the holidays or for whatever event they were celebrating. So once we grabbed onto that, the flow of everything else fell into place and how the house was going to look,” Perrel says.

The Nybergs purchased the house in April 2013, and Perrel was able to transform its look without orchestrating an entire home renovation. While tapping into the home’s functionality, Perrel was tasked with refinishing the home prior to the family’s move in date. It was no small order and included painting, redoing the flooring, adding window treatments and incorporating new furnishings. “This was a larger project because it encompassed nearly every room in the home.” Perrel says.

Perrel notes that the unique layout of the house added to the enjoyment of incorporating design elements. “It was kind of set up in a circle, so when you walked in, you could walk around either to the left or the right, and the family room was very unique. The previous owners had done a few things to give that space some unique characteristics—the wood they used, style of things, the view out to the backyard shared by the kitchen and the dining area,” Perrel says.

“We deepened up the floor; it was a solid oak wood floor, so we sanded it down, gave it a stain and just warmed that up. And as you travel to the left from the entrance, we painted all of that, and the living room received all new furnishings. We added a dining table with chairs there for playing games, as well as for entertaining,” Perrel says. The living room’s floor-to-ceiling windows highlight outdoor vistas, a look which Perrel enhanced by adding window treatments.

The home features two fireplaces, central for gathering places. “The family room fireplace is inset at an angle, so it’s a corner fireplace, and it has a great brick surround, and the mantle is a combination of reclaimed beams, brick and some cement work,” Nyberg says. “The great room fireplace is three-sided, so part of it goes into seating area of the great room. One side is visible from the kitchen, and the other side you can see from my husband’s office.”

Jeff Grengs from Pinnacle Woodworking and Perrel designed and installed a custom-made desk so Mike could work at home. “They wanted a space where the girls could come in and spend time with him, even though he was working, so we added some comfortable chairs,” Perrel says.

Like many families, the Nybergs often gather in the kitchen for making meals and creating memories. “When we first came in and looked at the house, it had this great big island in the kitchen, and I remember my daughter said, ‘This will be a great island to make Christmas cookies on,’ because that is our tradition with extended family, so we love that about the kitchen,” Nyberg says. Perrel added a backsplash to brighten up the area. “I wanted it to feel comfortable, cozy, light and clean, cheery, and Dawn did a great job with that,” Nyberg says.

After Perrel successfully tackled the wish list elements, the Nybergs moved into the revitalized space in June 2013. With the Nybergs identifying the style of home they love and need and Perrel utilizing her resources at Yetzer’s to incorporate those unique touches, it was a perfect match. “It wouldn’t be the place it is now without Dawn and Yetzer’s,” Nyberg says.

Perrel is pleased that the family is enjoying its tailored living space and gives credit to Yetzer’s, her coworkers and local partners, who helped with the entire process. “Yetzer’s is an easy place to shop,” she says. “We just have a ton of talent here.”