Workout Offers Fitness and Community Building

With a combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet, the Pure Barre technique is a unique workout available at Pure Barre Studios to anyone who seeks novelty in an exercise routine. Owner Michele Hall, a Pure Barre client who moved to Minneapolis in 2013, opened the studio in October 2015. “I felt the need to share Pure Barre with the Twin Cities market and thought Eden Prairie would be a good place,” Hall says.

The studio offers variety, from class times to experience levels and workout styles. There are five 55-minute classes each weekday with times ranging from early morning to evening. Weekend classes are also available, as are specialty classes, which are intensive and available periodically. Last month, Pure Barre launched a new class called Empower, which amps up the cardio element. While the class structures are consistent, exercises and music change for variation.
Pure Barre is not just a full body workout that delivers great results—it is a personal experience within a community of clients. While typical clients are women ages 25–60, men are welcomed. “I see people of all ages, fitness levels and lifestyles come every day,” Hall says.

 Events like Wine Down Wednesday offer opportunities for the Pure Barre community to come together. Once a month, clients can stay after evening class to socialize, drink wine and enjoy sushi and appetizers provided by Crave restaurant. “It’s a community building event for the studio,” Hall says. Clients also receive a discount at the venue’s retail boutique, which sells exercise clothes and leisure pieces from brands such as Alo Yoga and NUX.
 Because the Pure Barre technique is relatively new to this area, arriving in the Twin Cities within the last five years, it may seem intimidating to those who are beginning their fitness journey and even for the experienced client.  “It’s a challenge to get people through the door,” Hall says. “But when you step into the studio, we take good care of you.”

First week of classes are free, after three classes, first month is unlimited classes for $79.