Wishes on Red Rock Lake

Photo contest winner finds joy in longtime hobby.

Kelley Regan and her husband, Matthew Adam, traditionally take their two sons, Charlie, 18, and Chayce, 9, out on Red Rock Lake every Fourth of July to light Chinese lanterns.

This particular photo, shot with a Canon Rebel EOS, occurred by happenstance. Initially, Regan didn’t have her camera with her, but she ran back to the house on a hunch to retrieve it. “We went down to the dock, and everybody was ready to go out,” Regan says. “And I thought it would be really cool to get pictures. We’ve done it so many times, but I took (the photo) more as a family memory. The way my youngest one was looking up at my older one, I loved it.”

Regan discovered a renewed interested in photography when her husband bought her a camera for Christmas two years ago. “I found that I really enjoyed it, and it’s kind of therapeutic. There’s so much beauty in the everyday (experience),” Regan says.  “I have loved to take pictures my entire life, but then life got busy with the kids. When I returned to pick up this hobby, it’s turned into a passion, and it’s taken me in a different direction,” she says, adding that  she would  like to move into professional photography.

Regan has already dipped into the professional arena by selling notecards and greeting cards, featuring her photography, at the Eden Prairie Historical Society. See more of her work at the website here.