Winter Wonderland: Local Photographer Nick Peters

Nick Peters captures photos on drives to and from work.

Almost four years ago, Nick Peters bought a camera to document the life of his newborn baby. While he also took pictures of random subject matter in his life, Peters remained focused on the baby. However, as time passed, he began to also take on a new interest in landscapes, water and skylines. “My schedule had me driving during the sunrise and sunset, and eventually, I started taking my camera with me to capture those moments,” Peters says.

Peters admits that, at first, he took photos to showcase them on social media. “You can take pictures of whatever you want. No one is really expecting anything special,” he says. But soon, he started to turn out skilled, beautiful portraits. Friends began to ask him to do photo shoots and capture weddings, and he’ll do them if asked, but he adds he’s not really interested in photographing human subjects. His photo Winter Wonderland is one of his favorites. Peters tends to drive along gravel roads, seeking unique lights and perspectives. This photo was taken after a snowfall in mid-March. He found the barn on one of his drives, took the photo and went home. It wasn’t until he looked again at the image that he realized it was a much better photo than his usual work. “Winter Wonderland is the photo that makes me think I could take this to the next level. Comments on social media indicated that it’s stuff that could be on Hallmark cards,” he says.

This coming spring, Peters is looking forward to capturing the new foliage. “The grass turns green again, trees grow their leaves. It’s about new beginnings. Every landscape is different when I go back to it,” he says.

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