Winter Survival

So you’re not exactly embracing the chill? We found a few tips for staying warm and healthy this winter.

There’s Survival—with a capitol S—and then there’s survival; you know, what it takes to get through your typical dreary winter day. We’re not talking about melting snow in a tin can over a fire. Instead, we polled local beauty experts, doctors, chiropractors and others to come up with a list of ways to fight off the cold, sick and general feelings of ick that seem to plague us during Minnesota winters.

Moisturize your skin

Cold winds and freezing temperatures can sap the moisture from your skin, so fight the resulting dryness and tightness with SunLeaf Naturals’ new moisture stick. The Waconia company is known for mixing essential oils with all-natural ingredients to create crave-worthy beauty products. In addition to their moisturizing properties, co-owner Teresa Andrys notes that the five blends of oils also prove therapeutic during the winter when flowers and plants are lacking.

Soothe your skin with two of the citrus blends that may bring a hint of warmer climates to you: bergamot, sweet orange and amyris, which is uplifting and refreshing; or neroli, geranium and grapefruit, designed to be rejuvenating and balancing. SunLeaf Naturals products are sold at stores throughout the southwest metro.

Soothe your face

To rejuvenate your face, try a Fire and Ice Facial at the Parlour Salon and Spa in Victoria. The service, using heat to exfoliate the outer layer of your skin and ice to hydrate and rejuvenate, is designed to make your skin glow. The facial is normally $100, but Southwest Metro Magazine readers can get it for $75 during the month of February, according to co-owner Beth Zimmerman. The salon offers other hydrating facials as well. Parlour Salon & Spa, 7924 Victoria Drive, #206, Victoria; 952.679.4805.


Pamper your hair

Winter curses for the hair are static, hat hair and dryness. Kelly Machemehl of Salon Essence in Chanhassen recommends combatting those curses with Bumble and Bumble(Bb) hair masques or deep conditioners. The mending masque works on truly damaged hair and provides strength and protection. “For intense repair, apply once a week after shampooing and rinse after 10 minutes,” Machemehl says. Salon Essence also offers a quenching masque and Crème De Coco, which result in a silky, glossy shine. A treatment in the salon includes shampoo, deep conditioner, hot oil treatment, head massage and style, starting at $25.

Leave-in or dry conditioners can also help fight static, says Erin Johnson of the Hair District in Chanhassen. Johnson recommends Pureology or Unite. Salon Essence, 517 Lake Drive, Chanhassen; 952.937.7535; Hair District, 928 W. 78th St., Chanhassen; 952.474.5040.

Loosen Up

If you need to recover from a winter injury—shoveling, skiing, or falling on ice are common culprits—you might want to visit a chiropractor. “You should get checked even if you don’t feel pain (after an incident),” says Dr. Becky Pauly, owner of ABC Family Chiropractic in Victoria. “Adjustments can boost immune systems, and you’ll feel better and be more effective.” ABC Family Chiropractic, 1405 78th St., Suite 100, Victoria; 952.443.3710.

Get a pop of color

Sure, you can embrace winter with an ice-blue manicure (try OPI’s “No Room for the Blues” to pull off this look at home). But local beauty experts recommend warming up winter with OPI’s deep lush reds with names like “I’m not really a waitress” or “Fashion Bow.” For a lighter touch, Tracy Nguyen, manager at Nails of Eden in Eden Prairie, recommends “Down to the Core-al,” a beautiful pinky coral color. Nails of Eden, 7942 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie; 952.906.1234.

Try Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture offers another avenue toward healing and is touted as a remedy for colds, neck pain, anxiety and more. Gentle acupuncture will relieve winter stress and muscle tension, says Dr. Jo Becker-Puklich of Live Well Chiropractic Spa and Acupuncture Center in Chanhassen. Acupuncture sessions at Becker-Puklich’s practice include a relaxing meditation tape and heat lamps. Live Well Chiropractic Spa and Acupuncture Center, 7975 Stone Creek Drive, Suite 20, Chanhassen; 952.746.8150.


Eat Well

Even though we want to believe it, there’s no magical super food to ward off colds and the flu. But Dr. Stephen Ready, a family practice physician at Ridgeview Chaska Clinic, says making healthy choices is still important. “There are not any specific foods that clearly treat influenza, but fresh fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that help the immune system,” Ready says. “Getting enough sleep and keeping stress under control also help the immune system function optimally.” Ridgeview Chaska Clinic, 111 Hundertmark Road, Chaska; 952.361.2450.

Schedule a flu shot

It’s not too late to hedge your bets with a flu shot, either. Even if you survived the holiday season without getting the flu, influenza often peaks in late February into March. Dr. Stephen Ready, a family practice physician at Ridgeview Chaska Clinic, says the shot is available until late spring.

If you do get influenza, rest and hydration help recovery. “Manage fever with acetaminophen or ibuprofen…check out a bad cough as pneumonia can develop,” Ready says.

Get warm to your core

If you’re missing the heat of summer, try a hot yoga class at Living Yoga Chanhassen. Yoga’s objective is to increase health and relaxation, so winter is a great time to try it.

Hot yoga “can create optimum conditions for accelerating the benefits of yoga,” says Suzanne Collier-Wondrak, a yoga instructor and owner of Living Yoga Chanhassen. “Heat steps up cardiovascular benefits and allows for deeper movements in a safe, warm environment. Results make you feel warm from the inside out… and you walk away feeling light and limber.” Collier-Wondrak claims students who practice this form of yoga report reduced susceptibility to colds and flu. “For surviving a Minnesota winter, nothing beats hot yoga, period,” she says. Living Yoga Chanhassen, 540 Market St., Chanhassen; 952.949.6772.

Release your tension

Massage connotes the ultimate in relaxation. It can help your body in other ways, too, by increasing circulation and helping the body to detox. Sarah Watua of Elements Massage in Eden Prairie suggests that these factors actually aid the immune system as it fights off colds and flu. Elements Massage, 10165 Hennepin Town Road, Suite 103, Eden Prairie; 952.405.6220.