Winter Golf Tips from Golf Zone in Chaska

Don’t put your golf game on ice for the winter.
Golf Zone owner Jeff Helstrom on the indoor miniature golf course.

Cold weather is no excuse for spending countless hours on the couch. Golf Zone, Minnesota’s only all-season golf destination, keeps patrons active throughout the winter and stops golf games from growing rusty with indoor facilities and winter specials.

The Chaska space houses a driving range where golfers can hit the ball from stalls to an outdoor field. Since the range isn’t contained by a dome, it’s easier for golfers to see the full trajectory of their balls. The stalls are heated and feature TVs as well as food and beverage service, making hitting a few balls an ideal way to spend a chilly winter afternoon.

Golf Zone also offers indoor winter lessons with the facility owner, Jeff Helstrom, as well as an indoor miniature golf course adorned with stones and trees for an outdoorsy feel. The course also is available for birthday parties and corporate events.

Golf Zone
825 Flying Cloud Dr., Chaska