It’s the modern-day mom’s proverbial challenge: how is it possible to find the time and energy to hit the gym while juggling soccer practice, going grocery shopping, meeting work deadlines, scheduling doctor appointments, prepping dinner, cleaning the house and keeping the family healthy and happ

 Penny, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, enjoys late summer days at Chaska Place Dog Park.

Warmer weather brings potential hazards that can affect our pets, so I sat down with Dr. Michael Grace, a veterinarian at Flying Cloud Animal Hospital in Eden Prairie, about keeping Fido and Fifi safe this summer.

Heat Stroke

When Ridgeview Medical Center opened its emergency and urgent care department at Two Twelve Medical Center three years ago this month, it estimated that it would receive about 13,000 visitors during its first year of operation.
Instead, it received 28,000.

O, winter! How we love thee. Well—most of the time. Minnesota’s favorite season isn’t always so kind to our skin, as most of us spend our days hopping between heated buildings and freezing outdoor temperatures. Dry skin is a familiar winter problem, but what about sun damage?

Let’s be honest: Finding the time and motivation to squeeze exercise into your life can be challenging.  There’s work, friends, family and other commitments that often come before even thinking about heading to the gym.

Cold weather is no excuse for spending countless hours on the couch. Golf Zone, Minnesota’s only all-season golf destination, keeps patrons active throughout the winter and stops golf games from growing rusty with indoor facilities and winter specials.