Well Designed

Madison House Interiors offers home décor at a variety of price points.
Monogram plates, whimsical metal feathers and dog busts from Madison House Interiors.

There’s a lot to love at Madison House Interiors, which functions as both a showroom and a home décor shop. Although the Eden Prairie shop features high-end furnishings like semi-custom draperies and custom-ordered couches, shoppers can also find fun, less expensive novelty items, such as cast iron dog busts ($30) or whimsical feather plates ($8-$21). “I like to have things that are less than $10,” says Sara Trosen, shop owner and interior designer. We loved the spoons repurposed as herb markers ($20 for a set of six)—perfect for an herb garden or grouping of herbs in pots—and small monogram dishes ($5 each), which customers have used to mark place settings at dinner parties or as a favor at a girls’ weekend.