Waconia Movie Theater Gets Ready for Its Close-up

Movie theaters now offer the comforts of home and more.

Emagine Entertainment is upping its game in Waconia in the form of six new revamped and renovated movie theaters that will hopefully bring the community out in droves to experience movie magic in the local theater. Jon Goldstein, of Emagine, wants a place for Minnesotans to gather and experience the luxury of the movie theaters. “It’s a shared experience,” Goldstein says. “You know, if you watch a comedy by yourself, you don’t laugh as much.”

Construction is slated to launch and conclude this summer.

To Goldstein, the stereotype of “Minnesota Nice” also includes “Minnesota Sophistication.” “I find it a very educated, sophisticated, aware market of people who like to be treated well,” he says. The theater’s updates will feature upscale elements and amenities, an expanded food menu that includes hand-crafted pizza, a full-service cocktail bar with an extensive wine list, plenty of soda options and 100 percent reserved seating, featuring luxurious and extra-comfy power recliners.
In the theater experience, there’s the concept of fidelity, which is comprised of atmosphere among other elements. High fidelity is met with a high quality big screen, great sound and an audience to share in the viewing. “There’s so much that goes into it,”  Goldstein says. Like the golden age of classic Hollywood cinema, the updated theater strives to provide the all-around experience, while meeting and exceeding the customers’ demands.

The show doesn’t end with the credits roll. Emagine Waconia will also be available for private events. The event coordinator will offer assistance with a variety of events, including birthday parties, business rentals and more “[The events] will be tailored to whatever the needs are,” Goldstein says.