Vintage finds and art at Shop 501 in Chaska

Five creative women team up to create a super shop in Chaska.
Each original owner has her own corner of the store. This is Sara L. Smith's.

When five occasional shops came together in March to open a shared boutique in Chaska, the fun was just beginning. Since opening, Shop 501 has expanded from a monthly occasional sale to regular weekly hours and added special events and classes. The shop is comprised of four occasional shops from Carver (Mustard Moon, Salvaged and Rescued Art, When We Were Young and Objects & Art) and Petunias from Excelsior. The collaboration allows the shop owners to share space, as well as creative ideas. Plus working together is just more fun. “Every time we get together, it’s trouble,” says Jane Hall, of Mustard Moon, noting that the women are always adding a new paint color to the building or rearranging a display—or even building an outdoor tent. Inside Shop 501, shoppers will find everything from vintage items to plants, as well as children’s clothing sewn using vintage fabric, original artwork and unique jewelry and items made from salvaged pieces. Shop 501: 501 N. Chestnut St., Chaska.