Vintage Concert Series

Big names on deck to perform during solar-powered concert series.
Dave Bickler, original vocalist for Survivor, kicked off the solar concert series in June.

Paul and Terri Savaryn, owners of Sovereign Estate Winery, are celebrating their move into solar energy and putting their winery ahead of the competition with a carbon-neutral space.

The celebration for this event comes by way of a solar-powered concert series,  the brainchild of Mike Woodley, an energy analyst at Sundance Energy Solutions, who also wears the hat of event coordinator at Sovereign Estates. Woodley’s inspiration comes from the beautiful venue itself. “I come out here, and I look around and my blood pressure (goes) down,” he says. “It’s really good for my inner soul.”

The concerts carry the vibe of a backyard party with great food and beautiful views. Not only will this event be completely carbon neutral and sustainable, it has stars who will really knock this event out of the park. As Woodley puts it, “There are two original former members of Boston Live, and we’ll have them here. The characters, they’ve gotten to know me. They like Minnesota a lot. They don’t feel like it’s a gig. The guys are bringing their wives, and they’re hanging out.”

Performers include Kevin Chalfant’s Journey Experience on August 10; Randall Hall, formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd, on September 8; Barry Goudreau and Fran Cosmo, formerly of Boston, on October 7.

Woodley notes that with a small, intimate crowd, those with VIP tickets will have an opportunity to meet the bands. “It’s a backyard concert with national performers,” he says. Tickets start at $25.

Woodley isn’t a stranger to putting on musical events. One of the most memorable experiences he recalls is a benefit concert a few years ago for his good friend, the late Fergie Frederiksen of the band Toto, who was suffering from cancer. “I called my friends to do a concert series then, and they all showed up,” he says.

Tickets available online starting at $25.