Unwrap Flawless Brows at Blend Brow and Skin

Raise the brow bar Angela Lutz (left) and Niki Robison offer preholiday tips.

It can be difficult to find time for beauty upkeep, let alone finding a trusted beauty salon. This holiday season, don’t just focus on getting a party outfit that suits your figure—get brows that compliment your face, too. Niki Robison and Angela Lutz, co-owners of Blend Brow and Skin, are here to help.

The beauty studio ups the brow game, offering natural brow restoration and design, including a Blend Signature Brow Wax.  What makes Blend Brow and Skin unique is the time put into designing the eyebrow’s structure, about 30 to 45 minutes. “We either wax or hand tweeze and teach clients how to apply eyebrow cosmetics,” Robison says. The business’ product line, Arch Addicts, owned by Diana Roth along with Lutz and Robison, offers such cosmetics to clients. Additional services include brow and lash tint and facial skin treatment.

From the trends of a bold, structured brow to a feathery brow, eyebrow maintenance prior to an appointment is the same. “Throw the tweezers away,” Robison says, stressing the importance of growing eyebrows out four to six weeks before an appointment. While it can vary, most clients are advised to come in once a month for brow work.

Both women warn against common mistakes made by clients. “I see eyebrows that don’t frame the face properly and clients that remove their arch with tweezers,” Lutz says. Other missteps include removing the front of the brow, when the hair should be trimmed and feathered. Robison uses the rule that eyebrows should only be one finger space apart.
The two recommend sheet mask and micropeel treatments to be holiday party-ready. “Try an eyelash extension, and start on brow restoration using brow growth serum,” Lutz says. At Blend Brow and Skin, the brow artists understand eyebrows are a vital part of anyone’s look. So relax; your brows are in good hands.