Two Sisters Spa Sells Variety of Bath Bombs

Eden Prairie’s Amanda Royer creates a popular twist on bathtime with bath bombs.
Bath bomb business is making a splash for local entrepreneur.

An idea, a book and inspiration from her two daughters guided Amanda Royer to found Two Sisters Spa four years ago.

The Eden Prairie entrepreneur creates and sells bath bombs—effervescent soaps the size of tennis balls in a variety of colors and scents. Made from dry ingredients and fragrances, bath bombs are added to running water in the tub to create a luxurious bubble-filled bath that lasts and smells delightful.

Royer considered launching her business years ago while working a corporate job. “I had been thinking about starting my own business for some time and actually received a book called The $100 Startup for Christmas,” she says. “It was all about people who had started their own businesses without a huge initial investment.”

On January 1, 2013, Royer decided to take the first step by launching her Two Sisters Spa shop on Etsy, making the bath bombs and packaging and shipping all the orders herself. She continually received positive reviews from customers. “I decided I might be onto something, so I left my corporate job and decided to focus on spending more time with my daughters, who were then 9 months and 2-and-a-half years old, and growing my business,” Royer says.

Two Sisters Spa, the name inspired by her daughters, has an online presence, and Royer runs the business full time. A rewarding aspect for Royer is that her business has gained a team of other moms, who have joined in the vision. “Our team is made up of eight stay-at-home moms who want to spend time with their kids while also contributing to their families, and our business model accommodates that,” Royer says.

Best sellers for adult bath bombs include relaxing lavender, sleepy time with lavender and vanilla, eucalyptus spearmint, pink champagne, sweet pea and white tea and ginger. The bombs offer soft scents, whether fruity or floral.

Bath bombs for kids are sold individually or in a six-pack of rainbow colors with scents such as banana surprise and fruit loops. Most importantly, all come with a special surprise inside: a miniature bottle of bubbles, a wind-up toy, a temporary tattoo, a bracelet or nail polish, making bathtime a much-anticipated event.

Two Sisters Spa bath bombs are made as naturally and simply as possible. Royer sources phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils. “We care about our health and our customers’ health,” she says.

Royer says that customers also give bath bombs as party and holiday favors and Christmas and birthday gifts. Individual bath bombs start at $5.99, and a pack of six or 12 bath bombs are available from $28-$50.