Tropical Snowflake

This drink looks like winter but tastes like summer.

A seasonal cocktail from the pros at Dolce Vita Wine Shop.

Serves 4


8 oz. Shipwreck Coconut Rum
2 oz. Prichard’s Crystal Rum
2 oz. coconut milk
2 oz. coconut water
1 oz. Powell & Mahoney (or homemade) simple syrup
Coconut flakes for garnish
Freshly grated nutmeg


Combine both rums, coconut milk and coconut water, and stir well. Wet the rim of each glass by dipping it into simple syrup, then into coconut flakes to coat the rim. Fill with ice and the mix, then top with a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg before serving. —Dan Keyport, owner of Dolce Vita Wine Shop in Chaska