There’s Time Left on the Planting Clock

It’s not too late to think about planting new shrubs and trees, so don’t swap out your gardening spade for the snow shovel just yet.

Many experts agree that in the fall, tree and shrub roots are naturally growing aggressively, aided by warm soil and cooler, wetter weather. The cooler temps that fall brings are the best time for new root growth.
" Water trees and shrubs thoroughly each week for the first three or four weeks. Then, back off, so the plant can start its natural dormancy process for the winter.
" Water evergreens right until the ground freezes. Evergreens will continue to supply the needles with water until the roots are frozen. If you do plant a bit too late, mulch heavily to keep the soil warm longer. The roots will continue to grow until the ground freezes.

" Newly planted trees or shrubs do not need to be fertilized until next year but incorporating a root stimulator and a slow release fertilizer at the time of planting will help the plant establish quickly and be ready to flourish in the spring.

The Mustard Seed Landscaping & Garden Center