For Teens, Trivial Questions Are a Good Thing!

If you see your kid race to the phone at the strike of 8 p.m., he or she is probably playing HQ Trivia. HQ is the latest trivia app to take the world by storm—this time with a unique twist. Rather than playing at your leisure, the questions only become available twice a day, with everyone around the country answering questions at the same time. Think of it as a modern Jeopardy! The allure partially comes from the promise of prize money after successfully answering the 12 questions offered, which HQ boasts as much as $25,000. However, the pool is split, with each winner earning an average of $10. But prizes are still prizes, and the culture of working with your friends against the rest of the country to solve a single question is beyond enjoyable. There’s no worry of your teen overusing it since it’s only available for a few minutes a day, but just make sure they don’t get too excited about it. If trivia’s your forte, you should by all means check it out, as well.