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The good, old peanut butter and jelly sandwich—the workhorse of the lunch table. The team at Which Wich sandwich shop in Eden Prairie is taking the mealtime standard and spreading goodwill and generosity, one PB&J at a time.

When it comes to communication, teenagers often go one of two ways—radio silent or eager to voice their thoughts.

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. While baseball legend Yogi Berra was speaking about a pennant race, he could have been referring to Minnesota winters. February finds us knee deep in the season, and there are still weeks to go until spring pops and wardrobes shed their winter blues.

An idea, a book and inspiration from her two daughters guided Amanda Royer to found Two Sisters Spa four years ago.

For a truly unique Valentine gift, seek out handmade jewelry from local shops. Karen Rodriguez of Chanhassen created the “Enough” necklace ($45) as an inspirational reminder for her teenage daughter and found the message resonated with women of all ages.

Empathy Cards, a line of greeting cards from Emily McDowell Studios, offers kind thoughts for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more. With sentiments like “If it can’t be my birthday, I want it to be yours,” these cards are a nice twist on traditional wishes.

Who can resist a fresh-baked treat? They come in so many varieties that there’s something for everyone. Maybe you’re a red velvet cupcake enthusiast. Maybe your favorite treat is a densely studded chocolate chip cookie.

Whether shopping for a family member who lives across country or looking for a gift for the neighbors, find personal and personalized gifts for everyone on your list this year—without leaving the southwest metro.

When Angie Gamades was a teacher at Chaska High School, she started baking dog biscuits with her special education students. When she left her job at the high school to return to the elementary school setting, the dog biscuit business left, too.

Husband and wife Jim and Sandra Peterson of Homade gifts often hear from new customers that they heard about the shop from a friend.