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Gina Moorhead has built her own house. Thread by thread. Pin by pin. The House of Gina Mariem, her fashion design company, features clothing lines for women and men.

This issue’s featured app is an anti-recommendation: Tinder. It’s an 18+ minimalistic dating service that’s incredibly popular among high schoolers despite the age restriction.

Most schoolhouses in the late 1800s and early 1900s had their own rules based on need and what was acceptable for the community. A crack on the knuckles with a ruler was acceptable, as was a student forced to wear a dunce cap.

schoolhouse rules:

Lake Waconia has attracted people to its shores for thousands of years.  The Dakota named the lake “Meday Wa Ko Ni Ya,” meaning “Lake of the Fountain” or “Lake of the Spring.” With the signing of the Travers de Sioux treaty in 1851, the area around the lake opened for settlers.  The immigrants ga

What better way to start off the summer than with some brand new, locally-made metal home décor accessories to brighten up your summer nights?

The doldrums of an economic recession might not seem like the best time or place in which to launch a wealth management company, but for certified financial planner and certified divorce financial analyst Kelly Pedersen, it fit.

It began on the golf course with two college friends and their sandal-covered feet.

The name Hazeltine has become synonymous with the Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska. The golf course was named after its most charming feature, Lake Hazeltine.  All this prompts the obvious question, “Who or what is Hazeltine?”  

Over the last several years, breweries and distilleries have been making their beverage marks on the area. There’s another player in the mix—this time the beans are doing the talking.

As spring bursts back into our lives—on the wings of red-winged blackbirds and on the promise of warmer days—style begins to shift along with the season. It’s not always easy to keep up with these ever-changing trends but, lucky for us, we have help from some area experts.