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Gone are the days of purchasing ill-fitting suits and clashing shirts. With help from Kingford Bavender, men can receive personalized, face-to-face style consultations in the comfort of their own home.

Twelve years ago, the Chanhassen community gathered to help Steve Chepokas keep a promise of the most solemn kind: a pinky swear to his 9-year old son, Mitch, to help other kids with cancer and their families after he was gone.

2015 is a busy year for the City of Victoria. Its calendar is jam-packed with events to celebrate and showcase 100 years of the city’s history.

“Are you sure these clothes are for us?” a young boy asked his mother. The bundle of new clothing, with the store tags still attached, cast doubt in the boy’s mind, since he could only remember wearing used or hand-me-down outfits.

When Ellen Redmond of Carver started making her now famous cookies about 30 years ago, she had no idea what she had created.

Abigail Summers loves jam. The Eden Prairie waitress and hotel worker started Summersalt Kitchens—her jam company—three years ago, after selling to friends and family with success.

Bruce Reimer was out of options. The man who used to run marathons now could barely walk a quarter of a mile without getting tired. He had to take frequent rest breaks when completing the most routine of tasks.

Victoria’s Brandon Wallis has a knack for creating places to gather. For the past 10 years, the owner of The School of the Wise has brought people together over cups of coffee, pints of beer and delicious meals in downtown Victoria.

Here’s the best gift you can give a mom of young children for Mother’s Day: Permission to go into the bathroom and close the door. There’s a classy way to do this, though: Wrap up a few bath bombs from Needful Things in Chaska.

Stitch together cake, cellphones and a host of other electronic devices, and you end up with three local business owners running national franchise stores that feature embroidery and printing services, tasty cakes, and cell phone and personal electronics repair.