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Trace West, Andrew Golish, American Craft Council, woodworking, custom furniture

Trace West will make its first appearance at the show this year.

Andrew Golish, Trace West, woodworking, custom home decor, handmade furniture

Trace West, which features handmade furniture and home decor like charcuterie boards and coasters, launched in 2018.

Virtual Reality, REM5, vr, vr gaming

An Eden Prairie High School grad is redefining the reaches of virtual reality with his company REM5.

A Valentine's Day card sent in 1915.

The road to the day of love has twists and turns.

Paper hearts on a pink background.

Take a more sentimental approach to showcase a favorite memory of your Valentine.

Nala, a dog adopted from Secondhand Hounds, stands near her owner.

Dogs get another chance to make a first impression at Second Hand Hounds.

A birthday party with a pink flamingo theme.

Gift store offers space to create art and memories.

Launch Ministry

Faith-based organization assists homeless and at-risk young adults.

James Rothstein woodworking

Furniture designer creates his own style of happiness.

“Trick or treat, give me something good to eat.” This simple rhyme is repeated by costumed children every Halloween as a method to receive a sugary treat.