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Two women plank in a park

tudies show that outdoor workouts have multiple benefits, including boosting moods, releasing stress, improving self-esteem and increasing absorption of natural vitamin D, which takes a dive in the winter.

The Staring Lake Outdoor Center has a long history that began with the State Emergency Relief Association (SERA) in 1935. SERA was an organization similar to the Works Progress Administration (WPA). However, it was state funded, instead of federally funded.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are busy this time of year, but they still make room in their schedules to visit nice (and maybe naughty) children.

When Kelsey Keltgen, OD, along with her husband and business manager, Mitch Peterson, looked to open their optometry practice in downtown Victoria in January 2017, “all the stars kind of aligned,” Peterson says of the research that went into opening the business.

Have you ever noticed a metal star on the side of an older brick building?  Have you wondered why it was there? There is a very practical reason for the ornament, other than for decoration.  

Infectious mono can hit students like a sledgehammer, knocking them out of classes for days, weeks or even a semester. Other times, it sneaks around an immune system, unbeknownst to its host.

With a combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet, the Pure Barre technique is a unique workout available at Pure Barre Studios to anyone who seeks novelty in an exercise routine.

Paul and Terri Savaryn, owners of Sovereign Estate Winery, are celebrating their move into solar energy and putting their winery ahead of the competition with a carbon-neutral space.

Have you dreamed of taking a trip out west to tour the wine country—soaking in romantic landscapes, sampling local wine blends and listening to live music playing softly on sun dappled patios? Perhaps you were thinking of California wine country.

John Oman spends hours working in his Chaska yard—it doesn’t require a green thumb but a deft touch at toppling awkward-shaped wooden blocks. Winter or summer, Oman is outside by himself or with friends, perfecting his aim in the old Nordic lawn game with the peculiar-sounding name: Kubb.

No one at Burn Boot Camp can deny feeling a burn while working out at the new group fitness studio in Eden Prairie. But then again, everyone who feels the burn agrees— it’s worth it.