Health & Wellness

Two women plank in a park

tudies show that outdoor workouts have multiple benefits, including boosting moods, releasing stress, improving self-esteem and increasing absorption of natural vitamin D, which takes a dive in the winter.

From the porous pavers in the parking lot to the rain gardens strategically placed throughout the site, the Nine Mile Creek Watershed’s new district headquarters showcases many ways that homeowners can manage storm water run-off.

Eden Prairie Relay for Life team Remission Accomplished raised money for the American Cancer Society at its 7th annual holiday market on November 15 at the Eden Prairie Community Center.

We breathe 26,000 times per day. So why not create a scent in your home that elicits positive feelings and happy memories? We’ve found some local products to help you kick off your journey to aromatic bliss.

The Carver Scott Humane Society raised money during its annual Rescue Roundup on November 6 at the Chanhassen Event Center.

Getting the royal treatment at a local salon can be nothing short of heaven on earth. From the cucumber water to the healing massages, there is a certain type of calm that rushes over you upon entering one of these establishments.

The Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce and Southwest Metro Chamber of Commerce hosted an expo in October at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska.

It’s pretty easy to love winter when it’s all about snow pants and snow days. But sometime around the legal driving age, winter becomes shovels, white-knuckle drives and dry skin. Winter loses its novelty.

Back in 2008, Dan Malina was minding his own business one day when a young child got in harm’s way. Without thinking, he bent over to scoop the youngster to safety—and in so doing, did severe damage to his neck and back.

Even though it’s too late to get tickets to the 2016 Ryder Cup in Chaska through the Ryder Cup’s public lottery, there’s still a chance to see all four days of play. Premier Golf is offering travel packages to the popular event starting at $2,895 per person (for a double occupancy room).

True Minnesotans embrace lake life even in the deep of winter. Make the most out of frozen lakes at a local ice fishing competition.