Take the Halloween Tricks and Treats Outside

Use a potion of imagination and mischief for Halloween party planning.

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and the pumpkins have arrived. Boo! It’s October.  My thoughts and memories tug at my childhood heartstrings and beckon me to host a spooktacular Halloween gathering, complete with a haunted house and the scariest bites and beverages.

Why not host a party right on your driveway? The exterior of your house, yard and neighborhood are already decorated for Halloween, casting the perfect party spell (along with trick-or-treaters serving as décor in motion).

To add to the festive glow, dot the yard with lights galore, including pumpkins, large and small, carved with freaky faces all aglow.  Safely light up a fire pit on the driveway to provide seasonal warmth and leaping light.

Alongside candy for costumed visitors, set up tables, offering creepy bites—mummy dogs, gnarly witch’s fingers, jiggly eyeballs and the like. Serve spirited brews (adult and kid versions) from punch  bowls or beverage bins, oozing with fog (dry ice). For families hot on the trail for more treats, offer to-go drinks. If it’s a chilly night under a harvest moon, ghosts and goblins will appreciate a spot of hot chocolate or warmed, spiced apple cider.  Parents and families can circle back at the end of trick-or-treating to finish up the night.

Beware … enter at your own risk!
Consider a few easy ideas to create a spooky haunted house.

• Set up a golf tent and create different rooms using black garbage bags for walls.
• Place mummies and skeletons, covered in fake blood, at the entrance.
• Around the perimeter, post homemade cardboard or Styrofoam RIP headstones, engraved with your guests’ names on them for a most personalized touch!  
• Gather up clear jars and fill them with bouncy ball eyeballs, pumpkin seeds (fingernails), a halved cauliflower (brains), plastic insects and the like.
• Hang cringe-worthy objects from the tent’s roof.   
• Use a floor fan to create a wind tunnel within the haunted house.
• Don’t forget to hide a wireless speaker to pump up the fright factor with plenty of scary tunes and sound effects.
• Finally, find your costume (be it a gorilla, bumble bee or even a banana) and enjoy the spirit of the night.