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Photo Contest Winner: Tracy Sarel’s “Racoon Siblings”

Photography is not always about having a perfect plan. No, sometimes it is
all up to moments of chance. Tracy Sarel of Eden Prairie was presented with such
a moment, and she seized it in order to capture her photo, “Raccoon Siblings.”

Last summer, Sarel was driving on Dell Road in Eden Prairie when she saw a
family of wood ducks. “I had never seen wood ducks in the wild before, so I
stopped by a couple of times a week to photograph them,” says Sarel, a
photography hobbyist who likes to discover “pockets of nature” to photograph. Read more about Photo Contest Winner: Tracy Sarel’s “Racoon Siblings”

Photo contest: Matthew Peyton’s “Swinging Beauty”

Warmth and playfulness reign in Matthew Peyton’s photo “Swinging Beauty.” While it may look as though it could be part of a portrait session, the photo was completely spontaneous.

Peyton and his sister, Katie, the subject of the photo, were hosting a bonfire and get-together last July at Peyton’s home in Victoria. Katie hopped on the swing in his backyard, and Peyton saw the perfect photo. “It reminds me of summer, and that no matter your age there is always fun to be had on a swing set,” Peyton says. Read more about Photo contest: Matthew Peyton’s “Swinging Beauty”

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