Last Glance

Photo Contest: Matthew Peyton’s Halloween Cutie

When Matthew Peyton of Victoria snapped this picture, he captured his daughter’s essence in a still photo. Kathleen, who was just about to turn 2 when the photo was taken, is “totally happy-go-lucky,” Peyton says. “She’s a girly girl at heart. She’s athletic, but likes to smile and dance and sing.”

Taken with a Sony Alpha 99, the photo of his daughter displays Peyton’s love for portrait photography. He’s been shooting for about six years, and started his own business in March, focusing mainly on portraits of family and friends, as well as on real estate photography. Read more about Photo Contest: Matthew Peyton’s Halloween Cutie

Woodsy Walk

Michael Rusinko likes to capture the simple moments, like a peaceful October walk around Rice Marsh Lake with the family’s 12-year-old boxer, Brandy.

“Every now and then I’ll take my camera [a Nikon D-700] along when I go for a walk,” Rusinko says. “[I’ll get] pictures of the dog or of ducks or the trees. I’ll see what turns up.”

Rusinko and his family live right off Rice Marsh Lake, so the walk around the path is a frequent one. “It’s a fabulous walk,” Rusinko says. “The new section has a number of areas that are very wooded.” Read more about Woodsy Walk

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