Holiday Buzz

Come the holidays, sugar may be the doyenne of sweetness, but there’s another gal who deserves a place at the table. You know her—honey. Of course, we tend to invite honey to breakfast or for summertime meals, but who doesn’t need an extra boost of sweetness when the weather can be a bit too sassy and salty for our liking?

Gourmet Cooking Club Breaks Bread Together

Many communities are built around sharing a meal. The idea of breaking bread with your friends and family on holidays and to commemorate or celebrate major life events is deeply woven into our culture. Sometimes that just means dropping off a hot dish at the home of neighbor who has had a birth or a death in the family. Other occasions may call for caterers or a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Or perhaps it’s just about a small group of co-workers who meet in the break room every morning to share coffee before the day gets busy.

College Student Cooks Gourmet Comfort Food


It’s almost time for dinner, and college junior Andrew Enriquez is pushing a shopping cart from his fraternity house on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus to an apartment complex a few blocks away. Inside the cart, Enriquez has piled food he will prepare for his classmates who’ve become his clients. What he’s discovered is that college students tire of Kraft Easy Mac. So he launched his own online order catering business last spring. 

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