Empty Nesters Kitchen Lives Fully

Empty Nesters Kitchen Lives Fully

If the name Lisa Patrin sounds familiar, it probably is associated with visions of beautiful burgers, cocktails and perfect pastries. She’s the woman behind the blog and Instagram account, Empty Nesters Kitchen, and though you might notice her globe-trotting adventures online, she calls Chanhassen home.

Cooking at Home

March is a month of change, and what better way to embrace that change than to stock up on new recipes that your family and friends will all enjoy. Here are three cookbooks recommended by Woodbury Barnes and Noble manager Ann Belfay.

Milk Street: The New Home Cooking
Separate from his magazine, Christopher Kimball provides straightforward recipes with ingredients you can find anywhere. “It does everything but cook it for you,”
Belfay says.


What's Cookin in Eden Prairie?

Tammy Brooks loves cooking and collecting recipes, and she’s found a way to use those passions to give back to the community. For the past couple years, Brooks, who has lived in Eden Prairie for 33 years, has collected recipes from her friends, neighbors and family members, compiling them into three cookbooks. She’s used the proceeds from the sale of the What’s Cooking in Eden Prairie? cookbooks to help local organizations, including The Prop Shop, Eden Prairie Firefighters, Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools and others.

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