Student Embraces His Academic, Extracurricular Interests at Chanhassen High School and in Life.

Alex Tyson, a senior at Chanhassen High School, is one of this year’s Southwest Metro Magazine’s Prep Elites, chosen from a group of area students who were nominated by their high schools. (Read about other Prep Elites on page 18.)

Prep Elites were asked what advice they’d offer their freshman selves. “I would tell my ninth grade self to relax and enjoy what you enjoy (doing),” he says. “I’ve definitely learned over the years to embrace the things that I’m interested in. I just wish I could tell my former self to do so earlier.”

Football is Alex’s favorite extracurricular activity and it helps him learnabout motivation. “Not only is it imperative to be motivated on the field, but it is important to transfer that same motivation to schoolwork and any other extracurricular,” he says.
Football also fostered an impactful relationship with his position coach. “In only two years as a member of the varsity football team, he has quickly become one of the most influential people in my life,” Alex says. “Unlike most coaches, not only is he the type of coach to stay after practice and coach you individually, he is also the kind of guy to stay an hour after practice to discuss a book you read in English class, explaining key concepts and underlying themes within the book.”

Alex, son of George and Jackie Tyson, plays piano, trombone and the baritone. “Music is a universal language, and it needs no translation because anyone and everyone can relate to it,” he says.  

 Alex  works part-time and participates in jazz band, Tri-M National Music Society, Symphonic Winds, wrestling team, track and field, Key Club, National Honor Society, Health Occupation Students of America and Student Council. An ExCEL Award winner, he lettered in academics and was all-conference in varsity football.

“High school has definitely changed me into a more open minded and independent person over my three years at Chanhassen,” he says.

What’s next for Alex? “My dream job is to serve in the military after college, whether or not I attend one of the military academies, and then after I hope to find work in cybersecurity at a major corporation in the United States,” he says.