Start an Indoor Garden with February's Book Picks

Gardening doesn’t need to wait until spring.

It’s February—both a short month and a long one at the same time. Are you itching to start gardening? Do you crave fresh greens? It’s cold outside, but you can grow a variety of sprouts and microgreens in your house while you’re waiting for outdoor gardening season to begin.

Check out Sprouts, Shoots & Microgreens: Tiny Plants to Grow and Eat in Your Kitchen by Lina Walletinson, with photography by Lennart Weibull (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018).

Sprouts, Shoots & Microgreens

All you need is tap water, a jar and a few days for dry seeds to germinate into fresh greens. You can also use colanders, sieves or bags to grow plants using a variety of light sources. Recipes with which to savor your produce are also included.

And once you’ve mastered these techniques, here are a few others to try out and perhaps expand to your outdoor garden: How to Window Box: Small-Space Plants to Grow Indoors or out by Chantal Aida Gordon (Clarkson Potter, 2018) and DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water by Tyler Baras (Cool Springs Press, 2018).

DIY Hyrdophonic Gardens

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