Springtime Snow

Revering those who persevere through the storms.

While it’s no secret that Minnesota winters can seem endless, all it takes to push through is a little perseverance and a lot of hope—at least, that’s what Lisa Tomassen discovered when she looked out her kitchen window last May and saw fat flakes of snow drifting from the sky onto a bright bluebird. “All of these spring birds had returned only to find snow. I felt so bad for them,” she says with a laugh.

The mom of one dashed to the top floor of her Eden Prairie home with her Canon Rebel to capture this image. While wildlife is hardly an anomaly in her backyard—Tomassen cites deer and wild turkeys as common visitors—this was a special occurrence. “This little bluebird was a perfect sign of spring clashing with the cold weather that didn’t want to leave us,” she explains.

But Tomassen believes that hope is essential in making through a long winter season, and notes that this creature is the perfect representation of Minnesota perseverance. “To me, it just said that we’ll get through this last storm, and spring will arrive,” she says.  

This photo earned an honorable mention in the Wildlife category of our annual photo contest.