Soutwest Metro Photo Contest: Relaxed Cat by David Schmidt

Chaska’s David Schmidt captures a photo of his cat.
This photo won first place in the pets category of our annual photo contest.

While working in his yard one day, David Schmidt took a snapshot of his cat, Roxy. Schmidt and his family, who live in Chaska, adopted Roxy 10 years ago. “We found her at the Humane Society and it was immediately obvious that she was the right kitten for us,” Schmidt says.

From the moment Roxy went home with the Schmidt family, she was a part of it. “Roxy is really more like a dog than a cat in that she follows us around the house and always wants to be part of the family activities,” Schmidt says.

In addition to photographing Roxy, Schmidt loves to be spontaneous and capture outdoor scenes and color contrasts. “Most of my photography happens while I am running on the trail systems in Carver and Scott counties,” he says.

Schmidt keeps an Instagram account of his photographic endeavors, @LongRunDave. Most of his photos are shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.