Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Too Tired to Read

Local artist finds beauty in life’s large, small moments.

Artist Deb Zeller remembers the moment fondly. “It is just an endearing photo,” she says. “My cat was in her favorite chair, which happens to be my favorite chair. I left my magazine there the night before because I was too tired to read. And in the morning, she was lying on my favorite magazine, too tired to read, too.” The submission garnered third place in the pets category for our magazine’s annual photography contest.

The Persian cat, named Zoe, was given to Zeller after its original owner, a friend of Zeller’s, found she is allergic to cats. Confident Zeller would love the cat, the friend initially brought Zoe over for a playdate, which went well. Zoe then stayed at Zeller’s house for a month, after which Zeller concluded that, “There is no way I could give that cat back. She is such a sweet cat and so full of fun.”

With a habit of always keeping a camera handy, Zeller is keen on capturing the unexpected beauties of the mundane, recording life’s lusters with which we often grow too familiar to take proper notice. “You just never know when there is great lighting on something, or when a very fun, common scene surrounds you,” she says.

As an artist, who specializes in bronze sculpture and painting, Zeller attributes her inspirations to photography. Her artistic endeavors are filled with moments of: “That is a beautiful photo; I am going to paint that,” she says. Zeller currently owns a studio in Hopkins, where she invites other artists to unleash their creativity. Taking photos of these artists working in the studio enables her to capture art as it unfolds.