Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Swallowtail Snap

Fifth time’s a charm for this local photographer.

This photo from five-time Last Glance winner Christine Neff Kojetin of Eden Prairie was taken in her backyard. It transpired while she was enjoying her garden, one which she has cultivated with flowers to attract butterflies—including swallowtails, which seem to love the flowers she has planted. “I just bought anything that said it would attract them,” she says, with a laugh. The strategy has paid off because the swallowtails are one of the more interesting-looking butterflies, in Neff Kojetin’s estimation.
Partial to a Nikon D750 camera with a 100mm Macro lens, Neff Kojetin often finds herself snapping photos around charming lake towns along Lake Minnetonka and local orchards. Her favorite venue is the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. “It’s far and away the best place,” she says, adding she frequents it almost every weekend in the spring and summer. Neff Kojetin does a lot of landscapes and nature photos, however she photographs a little bit of everything—families, children, babies and newborns as well.

The best time to take photos? Besides everything happening in nature, Neff Kojetin says “seeing kids running around outside, playing in the green grass” makes spring the best time. It’s also when she can photograph her favorite flowers—tulips. Doing such a wide range of photography, the aim for Neff Kojetin is to be able to get that perfect shot. “My rule is, if I can’t do it over, I’m not going to do it,” she says, so nature photography is perfect.