Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Singing for Their Dinner!

The importance of capturing the beautiful moments.
Honorable mention Nature by Kris Seeler

Kris Seeler of Eden Prairie developed her love for photography from a young age, emulating her dad, who often had a camera around his neck when she was growing up. From photographing kids’ sporting events to snapping pictures around the lake in her backyard, Seeler loves to capture the magical moments.

The photograph, Singing for Their Dinner!, was taken in Seeler’s front yard when she noticed a family of baby birds in a nest, sitting on a low branch. After waiting for the mother bird to leave, she went outside with her Nikon DS100 and captured this beautiful shot. Her efforts landed her an honorable mention in the Southwest Metro Magazine Photo Contest’s Nature category.

Unlike many photographers today, Seeler says she makes prints of all of her photographs, so she and her children can hold onto them forever. “There are a lot of special moments you can capture, and photographs allow us to remember them,” Seeler says.

Seeler recommends anyone interested in photography should just give it a try, experiment “or else you’d never know,” she says. She loves to go on hikes around Rice Marsh Lake in her backyard and finds sunrises and sunsets make for great photography practice. Rice Marsh Lake is just one of many great spots around the Southwest Metro area that lends itself for striking photography opportunities. As it turns out though, some of the best locations can be right in your own yard.

“There’s beauty in everything,” Seeler says, and sometimes you just need to pick up a camera to discover what is out there.

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