Southwest Metro Photo Contest: A Risky Shot

Artist’s lifelong photography inspires her art and community.
Third Place Events by Deb Zeller

Though Deb Zeller refers to herself as a hobbyist when it comes to photography, she has been passionate about photography since she was a little girl. “My love for photography started with my mom,” Zeller says, “She never took a class, but she just had a naturally good eye for capturing really good photos, and I grew up with a mom that had her camera often and took fantastic pictures. She passed that love onto me.”

Photography isn’t Zeller’s only creative outlet, as  she has a studio in Hopkins, where she’s a fulltime artist, delving into sculpting, drawing and painting. After career in engineering, she realized she was ready to follow her passion with art. “I realized that my art was probably the most important part of my life,” she says.

Photography often is the starting point for Zeller’s inspiration. “The perfect day was to take my camera and just walk out in nature,” she says. “And I take thousands of pictures, and many of those pictures become the source material for paintings.”
Zeller’s Fourth of July picture was taken from the end of her friend’s dock during a fireworks display.  Her Nikon d7000 captured the beautiful shot.
Zeller also leads the Minnesota Figure Study Collaborative out of her studio. She works hard to inspire and draw together the community to share her creative passion. “We help each other, and we inspire each other, and I look forward to the days where I can share my studio,” she says.