Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Pig’s Eye View

Kelley Regan explains her passion for photography.
First Place PETS

This adorable picture of a curious baby pig stirred mixed feelings in Kelley Regan when it was taken. During a vacation in Hawaii with her family, Regan was attracted to a little shop with exotic plants and baby pigs for petting. As she decided to capture the pigs’ innocence and energy, Regan also thought of what might befall these endearing creatures. “I was afraid that the shop owner raised the pigs to sell them and was thinking about how sad this is,” she says.

Initially, none of the pigs was cooperating. Twenty minutes later, however, one “inquisitive” pig came to the camera, and Regan snapped the photo. “It was a darling pig and a darling photo,” she says.

Despite their vivid appeal, animals are not Regan’s favorite subject. Instead, she enjoys capturing the aesthetics of landscapes, the historical sites in Eden Prairie (Cummins-Phipps-Grill House and Riley-Jacques Barn) and regional lakes (Bryant, Red Rock and Riley lakes) being her most frequent destinations.

Reflecting on her interest in photography, Regan appreciates how it endows her with different perspectives to view life’s routine moments, which can bring forth such beauty. As she becomes more intrigued by the art of capturing such moments, Regan finds herself mesmerized by the trees when viewed from the ground, the diverse patterns in which moisture freezes into ice and the reflections of wildlife mirrored in the water. “Very often, we just look at things but don’t truly see them. We look at objects every day the same way. Photography, however, can bring out the beauty and show how unique and interesting everything is,” she says.