Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Here They Come

Photographer captures spontaneous Halloween memory.
Third Place People and Families by Christine Neff Kojetin

It’s a tradition that every Halloween Christine Neff Kojetin takes pictures of her two children, Alexandra and Andrew, in their costumes. She organizes a photo shoot prior to Halloween night in order to guarantee good weather, among other reasons. “It allows me to get some good photographs when I’m not competing with pending trick-or-treating,” she says.

However, a planned photo shoot wasn’t the origin of Here They Come, which took third place under this magazine’s People and Families contest category. Kojetin took the picture on Halloween 2015 in her Eden Prairie neighborhood. Her camera captures an eager Sleeping Beauty and Spiderman running through their neighbor’s yard to the front door. While Sleeping Beauty dashes ahead, Spiderman turns to glance back. “I’m pretty sure I just yelled, ‘Don’t run in the grass!’ which got Spidey’s attention,” Kojetin says. With a click of the camera, the moment was documented.
It can be difficult to master photography techniques, especially for candid moments like the one shown here.  Kojetin offers a few tips for taking shots at dusk. With moving subjects, she says, “For DSLRs or other cameras with manual functions, make sure your ISO is high enough, so you can keep your shutter speed fast enough to capture the action without blur.” A fill flash can help to add more light. Tripods can also assist with night photography. It isn’t an ideal tool for photographing movement, but it keeps the camera shutter open longer, letting in more light.

Kojetin’s photography is diverse, ranging from wildlife to headshots and family portraits. She admires and gleans inspiration from an equally diverse set of photographers. Kojetin recommends visiting Minnesota Photography Club or Minnesota Exposure on Facebook for examples of beautiful photography.