Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Into the Fog

Photographer captures a blinding morning fog.
First Place People & Families by Christine Neff Kojetin

This winning photograph was captured at the Flying Cloud Airport Soccer Fields on a foggy August morning by Christine Neff Kojetin prior to a soccer game of her daughter, Alexandra. Kojetin and her family arrived early one morning to Alexandra’s event and were in awe that there was such an intense summertime fog. Kojetin found this occasion to be a great opportunity to capture a unique photograph as the fog rolled over the soccer fields, completely hiding the view of the airport in the background.

Kojetin has been practicing professional photography for around 13 years, but it has always been a hobby of hers. While not her full-time job, photography continues to be a passion in her life, and Kojetin loves photographing her kids, family, friends, newborns and senior pictures.
Kojetin relishes photography for its creative benefits. “It is such a great release to offset the day-to-day stresses,” she says. Not only is it a great stress relief, but Kojetin says she loves how photography provides an intersection between art and science. Specifically, she talks about honing her computer skills in order to be adroit at editing photographs and enhancing her creativity.

Into the Fog won first place in the People and Families category of the Southwest Metro Magazine photo contest, and is just one of many photographs that Kojetin has received recognition for in this publication.