Southwest Metro Photo Contest: Bleeding Hearts After the Rain

Local artist Deb Zeller talks about photography and art.

To Deb Zeller, photography evokes emotional resonance with an intimate past. “My late mother was an avid hobbyist photographer,” Zeller says. “When her developed film returned in the mail, she would have the package open before she got back in the house.” Such passion from her mother eventually ignited Zeller’s own interest in capturing the world through the lens of a camera. And pictures like Bleeding Hearts After the Rain are a monument to Zeller’s ceaseless love for her mother.

The photo, taken with Zeller’s Nikon D7000, happened during a refreshing walk in the wooded backyard of her house after a glorious spring rain, she says. The magnificence of the bleeding hearts, given to Zeller by her mother and being one of the earliest bloomers of the season, was simply irresistible. “I just had to go back to the house for my camera,” Zeller says, recollecting her excitement at the time.

Zeller, a painter as well, appreciates the inspirations photography can bring to her paintings. The former’s vast composition possibilities provide creative fuel to her latter artistic endeavor. “One of my cameras goes with me almost every day,” Zeller says.

As an avid lover of nature and creativity, Zeller says any scenic spot in nature is a favorite location for photo taking. She also particularly enjoys recording worthy moments at Parley Lake Winery and her own art studio. About her recent ongoing photographic attempt, Zeller is cooperating with other artists and enjoys capturing their outbursts of ingenuity at her studio.