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It takes more than walls, doors and windows to make a house into a home. During the holidays, you’ll fill your own abode with family and friends, and visit the nests of your loved ones, too. We’re here with perfect presents and recommendations from lots of local businesses.

Everyone likes a good party—well, we think so, at least. So, we decided to scout out some of the best party-supply vendors in the area to help bring the level of fun at your next get-together to a whole new level.

Take piping hot coffee, add a woolen throw, and you have a perfectly cozy morning, afternoon or evening curled up by the fire with a book, your tablet or even a game to help fight and forget the frigid winds howling outside this winter.

rareEarth Naturals

With a long Minnesota winter on the horizon, it’s hard not to think of escaping to a warmer climate.

“In my mind, every sneaker head needs to grow up, but they all want to be able to wear sneakers and express themselves through their footwear,” says Tamas “Zen” Pomazi, a grown-up sneaker head turned master cobbler.

School’s out—at least for a long weekend on October 17 and 18. And with more mini-breaks in November and December, we’ve found a bunch of places to keep your children’s brains and bodies busy while they’re not in class.

The thought of cancer is enough to shut some people down, but Emily Hedberg, of Carver, found a way to use what she learned through her experience with cancer to help others on the same journey.

Tick-tock is the sound many moms hear in the back of their minds when they look at their teenage daughter and see what appears to be their little girl turning into a young woman right before their eyes.

When five occasional shops came together in March to open a shared boutique in Chaska, the fun was just beginning. Since opening, Shop 501 has expanded from a monthly occasional sale to regular weekly hours and added special events and classes.

Education and enrichment opportunities aren’t just for children. With seniors staying healthier longer, retirement years can provide a chance to learn and grow as well.