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Cat or dog? Ketchup or salsa? Shower or bath?

In an effort to help the downtown business of Chaska and Carver during the closing of Hwy 41 and 101 due to flooding, the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce will offer a “Rally for Downtown Business” program to anyone and everyone that

Amanda Ficek had an idea for a business, but she needed a name, so she turned
to her husband for help. “I told him I didn’t know what the final product mix
would be,” she says. “But that I wanted it to be a place that made the women

Dave Philp of Waconia believes that the giving-back gene can be found in all of us. We all have an interest in helping someone less fortunate. “If we all make a little bit of a difference, it will make a big difference,” he says.

Skip the shabby and go straight for the chic at Eden Prairie occasional shop Madison House Interiors (16356 Wagner Way, Eden Prairie).

 Two Friends of the Eden Prairie Library, Pat Wassink, left, and Elaine Anderson, at the Eden Prairie Library.

Think about the last time you visited your local library. What do you love best about it? The welcoming easy chairs, perhaps? The Internet access? The rich collection of books? Public libraries are an institution almost as old as civilization, and many of us take our libraries for granted.

From Scotland to Pebble Beach to right here in the southwest metro, golf has captivated sports enthusiasts for centuries. After all, whether knocked through a windmill or driven across the fairway, nothing can quite compare to the excitement of a hole-in-one shot.

High school graduation parties are not a nationwide tradition. When I graduated from high school five years ago, I remember chatting about my party to our family friends in Arizona.