Senior Spotlight: Science and Service Work

International School of Minnesota senior Carmen Chavez has global dreams.

Carmen Chavez, a senior at the International School of Minnesota, loves to learn about world languages, theater and music. Fluent in Spanish, she has taken three trips to Ecuador and connected with the indigenous people living there. “The reason I initially joined [the group] Social Responsibilities and continue to do service work locally and globally is because I feel like it is my duty to make the world a better place,” says Chavez.

Although no longer a part of Social Responsibilities, Chavez hopes to pursue science, musical theater and service work in the future. She is also interested in cancer research. She plans on majoring in biochemistry or molecular biology with a minor in music, and one day receive her Ph.D in biochemistry or molecular biology.

In addition, she would like to return to Ecuador. “I want to continue to lead groups of people on service trips to the Amazon over the summers,” Chavez says. “Seeing people smile is what motivates me.”