Senior Spotlight: Eden Prairie’s Sienna Ramos

Eden Prairie’s Sienna Ramos gets a charge out of math.

A passion and talent for math has defined Sienna Ramos’ high school career and will probably influence her future. “I was thinking I want to be an electrical engineer,” Ramos says.

The Eden Prairie High School senior discovered her interest in electrical engineering as a part of a program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the summer, she stayed on campus and learned about a variety of math and science fields. “I did an electrical engineering workshop, and it was so much fun,” she says. Ramos continues to complete online coursework in science, math and technical writing as a part of the six-month program.

Ramos was also accepted to the Google Trailblazer Student Ambassador program. Through the program she’s learning about computer science and working to develop a computer education outreach program.

As she juggles both these programs, Ramos is also taking a full load of classes at University of Minnesota, and continuing to compete on the Math Team and Speech Team.