Senior Spotlight: Anne Velazquez of Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria

Victoria’s Anne Velazquez volunteers for the Special Olympics while maintaining good grades and participating in three sports.

Anne Velazquez, a senior at Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria, specializes in success. An athlete, volunteer and a brain rolled into one shining student, she’s every member of The Breakfast Club, except for Judd Nelson. Here’s a breakdown of her achievements: Academics: Velazquez is a member of the Honor Society at Holy Family, participates in honors and AP courses, and has been on the Principal’s Honor Roll for her academic efforts and strong GPA. A rookie on the robotics team last year, she helped the team design machines for competition that play tic-tac-toe and throw a Frisbee. Athletics: Anne has a varsity letter for track, soccer, and basketball, and was named team captain for soccer this year. Post-Grad Plans: “I have been thinking of some sort of job after school in Special Olympics,” Velazquez says of her plans after high school. She has her eyes on the University of Wisconsin, Northwestern, Duke and the University of North Carolina to give her the tools for continued success in school and coaching opportunities for Special Olympics.“I think it’s really important to have a strong relationship with your teachers,” Velazquez says of the staff at Holy Family. Following their example, she brings a positive attitude to help her Special Olympics athletes thrive. From student to coach in just four years, there is very little that Velasquez can’t do.