Senior Armando Corona-Armenta Is Driven by Music, Athletics and Volunteering

Armando Corona-Armenta balances a full schedule of music and athletics.
In addition to playing trumpet in the marching band, Waconia High School senior Armando Corona-Armenta balances athletics, academics and volunteering.

Waconia High School senior Armando Corona-Armenta may not have much free time in his busy schedule, but with all his involvement he finds outlets for his varied interests.

The self-described “music kid” fell in love with the trumpet in middle school, he says, leading him to his passion for band now. But music wasn’t always so high on his priority list.

“My [middle school] music teacher encouraged me to do marching band and said it could work around my soccer, and it’s something I completely fell in love with,” Corona-Armenta says. After joining marching band freshman year, he was hooked.

Since then, Corona-Armenta has balanced music and athletics. He’s earned a total of six varsity letters (for choir, soccer and band) and best all-around in 2013 for his soccer skills. He also competes at 800- and 1600-meter events for track.

Corona-Armenta says his passion for music has also complemented his academics, as he has landed on the honor roll six out of nine semesters. “Being in such a musically talented school,” he says, “kids doing better in school are usually in the music wing and [I] got on honor roll from there.”

Corona-Armenta is also driven to volunteer, completing work to aid people locally and internationally through youth groups at Freshwater Church and involvement in the high school’s international club.

With college on the horizon, Corona-Armenta is looking into medical schools around Minnesota and Wisconsin, hoping to eventually become a surgeon.