Scientific Thought

Science-related books.

On Immunity: an Inoculation
by Eula Biss
Recommended by Laura Carlson

For anyone interested in getting behind the headlines of the vaccination debate, this book is worth picking up. The author does a great job of discussing the basics of vaccines so that a layperson can understand the science behind it, while also making thought-provoking connections between vaccines as a metaphor in certain literary works.

All the Birds in the Sky
by Charlie Jane Anders
Recommended by Lee Burkhalter

Grown-up fans of Harry Potter will enjoy this story of magic, science and saving the world. The epic tale starts when two misfits meet and become allies and friends. Years later they meet again as adults, on opposite sides, but both fighting to save the planet and the human race from global collapse. —Recommendations from librarians at the Hennepin County Library–Eden Prairie