Ruby’s Roost

Tradition is an important ingredient for this family business.
Linnea and Bob Boyd

The story of Victoria’s Ruby’s Roost is a personal one.

“The inspiration would be my grandmother, who was an amazing baker,” says Linnea Boyd, owner of the bakery. “I grew up baking with her.” Boyd’s love for caramel rolls and frustration at the fruitless search for tasty rolls fortified her determination to open a bakery and develop a satisfying recipe. In addition, family expectations also became part of the picture as Boyd wants her children to “learn the whole thing along [with us] ... and hopefully, become entrepreneurs, as well, in the future,” she says.

The commitment to organic ingredients grew out of the long-running family tradition. “Ever since my husband and I married 17 years ago, we grew more and more organic. I had grown up that way a bit,” Boyd says. “And 10 years ago, we started eating all organic at home.”

First opening in Mayer, the bakery enjoyed such a booming business the family decided to expand. “The shop and the kitchen were getting too small,” Boyd says. “We also wanted to go to a town that had a larger small business community.” These considerations eventually led to relocating the business to Victoria. Despite the change, Boyd says it is comforting to see that the same group of cycling customers visit every Saturday due to the shop’s close proximity to the bike trails.

Over the years, the caramel rolls remain Ruby’s Roost’s most popular item. The scone is another must-try. “I added all the things I love in it—dark chocolate, white chocolate, coconut, oatmeal and cinnamon glaze,” Boyd says.

As for the name, Ruby is one of the five hens in Boyd’s family backyard, and Roost suggests a place to hang out. “We think Ruby is a great symbol for an organic, self-sustaining, loving bakery,” Boyd says.