Roadside Attraction

The World’s Largest Mustache lives in Chaska.
Krista, Brooklyn and Matthew Udermann pose with the World’s Largest Mustache in Chaska.

Matt Udermann knew he wanted a record-breaking something. He and his team, including his now-wife Krista, brainstormed a few ideas—world’s largest baseball, post-it note, license plate. But after Udermann found historic ties of mustaches in Chaska, the World’s Largest Mustache was created.

“We wanted an icon to bring people to Chaska and take their picture with it, and share the whimsy of Chaska with them,” Udermann says. In their research, the team discovered a mustache trend in the city’s history, with the first city council, police and firefighters, old brewers and the founder of Klein Bank all sporting notable whiskers.

To avoid the hassle of actually growing and grooming facial hair, Udermann connected with Stratasys 3D in Eden Prairie to 3D-print a fire engine red mustache. After more than 300 hours of printing, the World’s Largest Mustache was born last July. At 11.5 feet wide, 3 feet tall and 22 inches deep, Udermann’s piece is the largest (by volume) mustache in the world.

But the mustache is much more than a roadside attraction. Udermann uses the mustache as a platform to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues. “It’s a common touch point,” he says. “My grandpa passed away because of men’s health issues and there’s a passion with that to align with [the mustache].”

The mustache team has participated in the Minneapolis Moustache Run and Udermann currently accepts donations to benefit the Movember Foundation.

After first living in the Udermann front yard, the mustache has gone on its own adventures. Last fall, it visited the Mall of America, TCF Bank Stadium and the Ronald McDonald House, among other locations. “It’s been phenomenal. It definitely puts a smile on the face of kids and families,” Udermann says. “We’re not doing it for any other reason than to attract the eye to Chaska.”