Having arrived in Paris with her husband, Amory, shortly following the city’s liberation during World War II, Copper finds herself aghast at the horrors still raging in the city.

 “Burger” can mean so much more than just a beef patty on a bun; burgers can get as wild as they are familiar.

There aren’t many dishes quite as comforting as macaroni and cheese. But, let’s get a few things straight about the legacy of this classic dish.

“Soup” is too stale a word to describe the following dishes we sampled for the first Restaurants section of 2014. “Soup” is a canned, microwaveable nightmare of a lazy meal that we scramble for when sick on a cold winter day. So we won’t be eating “soup” this month.

Another November is upon us, meaning the beautiful fall season is slowly transforming into another beastly Minnesota winter. There are fewer remedies for the frozen doldrums as tried and true as a strong, refreshing cocktail coupled with a favorite film.

Wings are the ultimate equalizer. Dolled-up dates and primped-up partners transform from civilized carnivores into ravenous, bone-suckling beasts picking at that perfect wing or drummie. Wings can disrupt dinner-date discomfort in a flash.

You might think of dumplings as a comfort food or something from Grandma’s repertoire. Think again. Dumplings are cooked savory balls of dough that are boiled, fried or baked and appear on local menus in some interesting forms.

Sushi connoisseurs and newbies alike can appreciate the variety and quality of sushi available in the southwest metro.

With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to load up on seasonal fresh fruit. While we’re as big a fan as the next person when it comes to a slice of watermelon or a bowl of fresh raspberries, these beloved flavors can make any dessert into something special.

Whether you’re on the pie or cake side of the on-going pie vs. cake debate, it can be argued pretty handily that cake is the overall winner.  After all, we don’t celebrate our birthdays with pie. So, with our apologies to the pie loyalists out there, we’re all about cake this month.