This Restored Prairie is One of Chanhassen's Best Photo Spots

Chanhassen, Prairie, Southwest Metro, Prairie Yields Photo Gold
The Southwest Metro is loaded with ideal photography venues.

Thomas Cook’s Chanhassen Prairie Plant placed third in the Nature & Wildlife category for our annual photo contest.

“I like doing close up photos,” Cook says. “Behind our house, near the Chanhassen High School, is a restored prairie. As I was walking though it, I was looking at the ground for anything interesting. This plant just stood out—with the vine wrapped around it. I had to lie on the ground to get the photo, as the plant was only about a foot tall.”

The Southwest Metro is loaded with ideal photography venues, and Cook has identified his own spot. “This restored area is an amazing place to take close up photos, and I have taken many of them,” he says.

As spring emerges, be sure to capture some of the area’s awakening wildlife and nature scenes. Remember to submit them to our annual photo contest during the month of August.